numbers men (In Post-Production, Low Bar Productions):

Seeking her parents’ acceptance to also love and be loved by someone other than the two of
them, an independent young woman’s two worlds collide when she brings her boyfriend home
for dinner.


Writer & Director, Novels & Films

all films written & directed by emma


Screenplay only.

Festival Selections/Screenings: Hamilton Film Festival. 


Emma L.R. Hogg

"It was a pleasure to screen Liv & Adam -- well done!."

CVIFF Festival Team

The Dreamers (2022):

A man wakes up to discover that his wife is no longer in bed with him -- she has shrunk and is trapped in a glass!

Festival Selections/Screenings: GreenScreen Film Festival. 


A typical Monday.

Festival Selections/Screenings: Austin Micro Film Festival. 

Liv & Adam(2022, Low Bar Productions):

There is no correlation between love and rightness -- love is much more complicated than that. For Liv and Adam, just because their relationship didn't work out, it doesn't mean it didn't matter.

Festival Selections/Screenings: Canada Shorts Film Festival, Altff Alternative Film Festival, Grand River Film Festival, Her Vision Film Festival, Comox Valley International Film Festival, Routes to Roots Film Festival, Nevada Women's Film Festival, Soo Film Festival, Vox Popular Media Arts Festival. 


A man grieves his dead wife.

Festival Selections/Screenings: Sault Film Festival.

The Interview (2020):

Doubt, fear, and self-deprecation visit a woman as she waits to be called in for her job interview.

Festival Selections/Screenings: Sault Film Festival.