FINALIST Whistler Independent Book Awards Fiction, 2018 

for ​Winona Rising

Photo by Tammy Fiegehen Photojourney

Emma L. R. Hogg

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A funny and poignant story about coming of age after you’ve already grown up.

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About Emma

Emma L.R. Hogg graduated from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada and started the writing of her first novel, which eventually became Mercedes Mudd, published three years later. 

Following Mercedes Mudd (2006), Emma published Pitlin and Swoosh (2009), The Passenger’s Muse (2011), Portraits of Margot (2013), The Fourth Wall (2015), a non-fiction collection, 100: 1 Writer's Journey, 100 Musings (2016), and Winona Rising (2018).

Both The Fourth Wall and Winona Rising were shortlisted for the Whistler Independent Book Award for Fiction (2017 and 2018), and Winona Rising was a Finalist (2018).

In addition, her poetry has been published in Carousel magazine.

Emma's seventh novel, Picket Fences, was published by Tidewater Press in 2020. She is currently writing her next novel.

Emma is also the writer & director of a number of festival-selected short films. Her accolades include the Canada Shorts Film Festival, the Altff Alternative Film Festival, the Grand River Film Festival, and the Her Vision Film Festival for Liv & Adam (2022), the Sault Film Festival for The Interview (2020) & Stanley (2021), the GreenScreen Film Festival for The Dreamers (2022), the Austin Micro Film Festival for Monday (2022), and she was a Top 10 Screenplay Finalist for her short film script, Nora, in the Hamilton Film Festival (2021).​